Max View 600

“Klein Marine Systems introduces the industry’s first integrated single beam side scan and gap filler sonar.

MA-X VIEW 600 side scan sonar delivers unprecedented focused 600kHz imagery at an optimum range of 50 meters per side with capability of reaching 120 meters per side.

MA-X Technology (Patent Pending) provides imaging of the nadir zone (gap) with the same interpretive characteristics of side scan sonar improving survey times by approximately 40%. This means 40% less survey time at sea, 40% less fuel consumption and a higher probability to complete the survey in a window of good weather!

Superior image quality combined with an increase in efficiency provide an unmatched value proposition.

The MA-X technology of the MA-X VIEW 600 generates acoustic shadows in the nadir area with the tail transducers and displays them in the MA-X window of SonarPro™.

Gap filler is the “Holy Grail” of seafloor imaging –
In just two passes with MA-X VIEW 600 the surveyor achieves the same coverage previously achieved in three. No need to go over the nadir zone twice! The savings over time of shipboard costs makes the return on investment shorter than ever before.”