AUV/UUV 3500

“The UUV 3500 was developed as a side scan sonar with the unprecedented benefit of an advanced bathymetry payload for the growing Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) , Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs) and UUV markets.

The UUV 3500 product line leverages a powerful – wholly FPGA implemented – multi-channel processing engine. The sonar engine simultaneously optimizes two different and concurrent output data streams for: photo quality side scan imagery and high accuracy, co-registered Swath Bathymetry. The UUV 3500 operates exclusively with Klein’s proprietary wide-band technology providing unmatched side scan range and resolution performance in a low-power, compact and lightweight payload.

The Swath Bathymetry option allows for wide swath performance which is typically 10-12 times the overall altitude of the UUV and thereby significantly greater coverage than can be achieved by a multi-beam echo sounder.

The system electronics will easily integrate into all small AUV/UUV platforms currently on the market and is also available in a water-tight pressure case configuration. Klein’s newly designed, ruggedized transducers are built to last and perform in the most demanding environmental conditions.

Klein System AUV/UUV 3500
Download The Product Sheet Here
Download The UUV 3500 Deep Product Sheet Here
Klein sonar payload options range from 600 m to 6000 m