Hyperion Turbidity

“Valeport’s Hyperion Turbidity sensor delivers high-performance measurements of turbidity, in a compact & robust package ideal as a standalone sensor, for ROV and AUV integration or used as part of a multi-sensor array and data logger.
Hyperion Turbidity is essentially two sensors in one.

The first is a “classic” turbidity sensor, a nephelometer that uses a 90° beam angle, for low turbidity levels (0 to 1,000 NTU).

The second, for high turbidity levels (1,000 to 6,000 NTU), uses an Optical Backscatter (OBS) arrangement (~120° beam angle). Intelligent sampling and use of a 24 bit ADC eliminates the need to gain switch at higher turbidity levels.

The optical head is very compact – measuring just 20mm in diameter and with a full ocean depth rating lends itself to OEM type solutions. Offered as standard in a 6000m depth rated, titanium housing the Hyperion Fluorometer has a wide range (9-30V DC) isolated power supply, data output up to 16Hz and RS232 communications.”